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Enchanted Grove 

13-year-old Jo is determined to save her parents by turning them back to humans as the evil Mogambo made them mushrooms! She must stop the curse by finding the cure with the help of her enchanted animal friends.

Mystic Maarine

An island far out at sea is home to The Academy of Royal Water Ways, a private school. Many people and creatures here are blessed with the ability to control water through inherited magical powers. ARWW primarily teaches through water magic courses including music creation through hydromancy, faishing theory, application of water magic in culinary arts, and much more!
12 personalities are assigned to design different characters such as The Confident, The Rebel, and The Baby

The Confident

Based on the majestic Blue Heron found near the ocean, this character is confident, calm, and knows how to give the best perfaches music and can also control the water with the melody of the violin.


The Rebel

Inspired by the smartest animal in the ocean, the octopus, this character is witty, sarcastic, and rude. In addition to teaching unconventionally, he is not very popular among the other professors. However, he doesn't care, since he is a rebel in the art school. He teaches water bending and water defense.

The Baby

This character is inspired by Axolotl; a cute innocent-looking creature found in the ocean. They are harmless as they don’t have any defense techniques. She is the new young professor who is the baby among the others. In her beginner's foundation class, she teaches principles of water practices.

Character Package

A creature’s lifestyle from birth to death

Designing a creature and its life cycle. This fuzzy animal is a mixture of a fox and a moth. It is born in a caterpillar-like form and then goes to metamorphosis to develop its wings and grow into a majestic creature at the adult stage.

The Life Cycle

This warrior character, Veer, was inspired by the Hindu God, Hanuman, for my character designing class. These are his 4 stages of life from baby to old age.  He was born into a royal family, but was taken away from his parents at a young age after his kingdom got destroyed. He becomes a warrior and fights to take back his kingdom. In old age, he passes his wisdom down to his younger generation.

A character design for a story where kids are playing police vs thief and imagining themselves as real police officers 

kn md

Bear And Bird: Character Design for a story-boarding class

A little Witch Character Design and Turn around 

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